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gene_id species strand chr outlier
ME06512G02690 mes + scaffold06512 No
ME06748G00110 mes + scaffold06748 No
ME08473G00050 mes - scaffold08473 No
ME08686G00220 mes - scaffold08686 No
ME08839G00060 mes + scaffold08839 No
ME09000G00630 mes + scaffold09000 No
ME09501G00590 mes - scaffold09501 No
MT00G23080 mtr + scaffold0204 No
MT00G23090 mtr + scaffold0204 No
MT00G40380 mtr - scaffold0009 No
MT1G038600 mtr + chr1 No
MT1G038630 mtr + chr1 No
MT1G104750 mtr + chr1 No
MT1G104770 mtr + chr1 No
MT1G104780 mtr + chr1 No
MT3G007910 mtr - chr3 No
MT3G008160 mtr + chr3 No
MT3G008170 mtr + chr3 No
MT3G023480 mtr - chr3 No
MT3G074270 mtr + chr3 No

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