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gene_id species strand chr outlier
SL01G014820 sly - ch01 No
SL01G080550 sly - ch01 No
SL01G080560 sly - ch01 No
SL01G080570 sly - ch01 No
SL01G080580 sly - ch01 No
SL01G080700 sly + ch01 No
SL04G050700 sly + ch04 No
SL08G062900 sly + ch08 No
ST01G022330 stu - chr01 No
ST01G022420 stu + chr01 No
ST01G022450 stu + chr01 No
ST01G022460 stu + chr01 No
ST10G013070 stu - chr10 No
TC0004G27580 tca - scaffold_4 No
TC0005G29590 tca + scaffold_5 No
TP6G25500 tpa - ch6-6 No
TP6G25510 tpa - ch6-6 No
VV05G03750 vvi + chr5 No
VV14G04700 vvi - chr14 No
ZM08G16140 zma + 8 No

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