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gene_id species strand chr outlier
EG0008G35950 egr + scaffold_8 No
FV4G11380 fve - LG4 No
FV4G11400 fve - LG4 No
GM07G38300 gma + Gm07 No
GM13G28400 gma - Gm13 No
GM13G28410 gma - Gm13 No
GM17G02440 gma - Gm17 No
GR05G05630 gra - Chr05 No
GR06G25670 gra - Chr06 No
GR07G29160 gra + Chr07 No
GR11G18310 gra - Chr11 No
GR11G18320 gra - Chr11 No
LJ4G038710 lja + chr4 No
LJ4G038730 lja + chr4 No
LJ6G023950 lja - chr6 No
MD00G213330 mdo - MDC009217.254 No
MD00G404700 mdo - MDC018388.77 No
MD00G460700 mdo - MDC021299.262 No
MD00G517790 mdo - MDC042592.5 No
MD04G017330 mdo - 4 No

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