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gene_id species strand chr outlier
TP6G11700 tpa + ch6-4 No
TP6G11750 tpa - ch6-4 No
TP6G12190 tpa + ch6-4 No
TP6G12240 tpa - ch6-4 No
TP6G12250 tpa - ch6-4 No
TP7G05210 tpa - ch7-2 No
TP7G05220 tpa - ch7-2 No
TP7G05430 tpa + ch7-2 No
TP7G05560 tpa + ch7-2 No
TP7G05850 tpa - ch7-2 No
TP7G06480 tpa - ch7-2 No
TP7G06490 tpa - ch7-2 No
TP7G06730 tpa - ch7-2 No
TP7G07000 tpa - ch7-2 Yes
TP7G07440 tpa - ch7-2 No
TP7G07540 tpa + ch7-2 No
TP7G08170 tpa + ch7-3 No
TP7G08330 tpa - ch7-3 No
TP7G09230 tpa - ch7-4 No
TP7G10400 tpa + ch7-4 No

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