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gene_id species strand chr outlier
TP4G06790 tpa + ch4-2 Yes
TP4G06910 tpa - ch4-2 Yes
TP4G06920 tpa - ch4-2 No
TP4G06930 tpa - ch4-2 No
TP4G07130 tpa + ch4-2 Yes
TP4G07170 tpa - ch4-2 No
TP4G07180 tpa - ch4-2 No
TP4G08410 tpa + ch4-4 No
TP4G08420 tpa + ch4-4 No
TP4G08520 tpa - ch4-4 No
TP4G08790 tpa + ch4-4 Yes
TP4G09090 tpa + ch4-4 No
TP4G09530 tpa - ch4-4 No
TP4G09540 tpa - ch4-4 No
TP4G09590 tpa - ch4-4 No
TP5G17060 tpa - ch5-2 Yes
TP5G18140 tpa - ch5-3 No
TP5G18330 tpa + ch5-3 No
TP5G18350 tpa - ch5-3 No
TP5G18590 tpa - ch5-3 No

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