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gene_id species strand chr outlier
FV7G38860 fve - LG7 No
GM07G14050 gma + Gm07 No
GM09G28440 gma + Gm09 No
GM10G26790 gma + Gm10 No
GM10G26890 gma - Gm10 No
GM13G33630 gma - Gm13 No
GM14G15230 gma - Gm14 No
GM16G33230 gma + Gm16 No
GM16G33240 gma + Gm16 No
GM20G21190 gma + Gm20 No
GR01G01470 gra - Chr01 No
GR01G02080 gra + Chr01 No
GR09G03470 gra - Chr09 No
GR09G04120 gra + Chr09 No
LJ1G042020 lja + chr1 No
MD00G030350 mdo - MDC001300.209 No
MD00G050650 mdo + MDC002113.246 No
MD00G146490 mdo + MDC006295.250 No
MD00G460910 mdo - MDC021308.43 No
MD00G480600 mdo + MDC022411.100 No

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