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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CL11G17460 cla - Chr11 No
CM00003G07810 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00003 No
CM00067G01410 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00067 No
CP00028G00690 cpa + supercontig_28 No
CP00126G00310 cpa + supercontig_126 No
CR02G07640 cre - chromosome_2 No
CRU_004G12530 cru + scaffold_4 No
CRU_005G19220 cru + scaffold_5 No
CRU_007G29970 cru - scaffold_7 No
CS00006G00090 csi - scaffold00006 No
CS00013G01130 csi - scaffold00013 No
CS00140G00080 csi + scaffold00140 No
CS12157G00010 csi + scaffold12157 No
EG0003G05790 egr - scaffold_3 No
EG0003G06820 egr + scaffold_3 No
EG0003G27610 egr + scaffold_3 No
EG1790G00010 egr - scaffold_1790 No
FV1G09920 fve - LG1 No
FV6G30210 fve + LG6 No
FV6G40840 fve - LG6 No

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