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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CS00002G00950 csi + scaffold00002 No
CS00009G01410 csi + scaffold00009 No
CS00203G00090 csi + scaffold00203 No
EG0003G13330 egr + scaffold_3 No
EG0004G14640 egr - scaffold_4 No
EG0006G22340 egr - scaffold_6 No
FV0G34860 fve - scf0513146 No
FV2G21860 fve - LG2 No
GM02G09000 gma - Gm02 No
GM05G25150 gma + Gm05 No
GM05G37440 gma - Gm05 No
GM08G02090 gma + Gm08 No
GM08G08180 gma + Gm08 No
GM08G19560 gma + Gm08 No
GM10G36910 gma - Gm10 No
GM16G28170 gma - Gm16 No
GM20G30700 gma + Gm20 No
GR03G15530 gra - Chr03 No
GR05G07880 gra - Chr05 No
GR08G24990 gra + Chr08 No

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