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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CRU_006G30840 cru + scaffold_6 No
CRU_007G18150 cru + scaffold_7 No
CRU_007G28390 cru + scaffold_7 No
CS00007G03350 csi + scaffold00007 No
CS00029G00690 csi + scaffold00029 No
CS00126G00260 csi + scaffold00126 No
EG0005G29970 egr - scaffold_5 No
EG0008G06790 egr - scaffold_8 No
EG0011G06300 egr - scaffold_11 No
EG0011G17730 egr - scaffold_11 No
FV2G14690 fve - LG2 No
FV3G01790 fve + LG3 No
GM03G14040 gma + Gm03 No
GM07G39410 gma + Gm07 No
GM08G46530 gma + Gm08 No
GM09G01090 gma + Gm09 No
GM15G11920 gma + Gm15 No
GM16G15380 gma + Gm16 No
GM17G01340 gma - Gm17 No
GM18G35410 gma - Gm18 No

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