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gene_id species strand chr outlier
SL02G090040 sly + ch02 No
SL06G016800 sly + ch06 No
ST01G014330 stu - chr01 No
ST01G023960 stu + chr01 No
ST01G036190 stu - chr01 No
ST01G036200 stu - chr01 No
ST01G048160 stu - chr01 No
ST02G014620 stu - chr02 No
ST02G025550 stu + chr02 No
ST02G032930 stu - chr02 No
TC0001G30840 tca - scaffold_1 No
TC0002G00020 tca - scaffold_2 No
TC0007G18460 tca - scaffold_7 No
TP1G26710 tpa - ch1-1 No
TP3G10820 tpa - ch3-1 No
TP4G17170 tpa - ch4-6 No
TP6G02020 tpa + ch6-1 No
TP7G18660 tpa + ch7-4 No
VV01G01990 vvi + chr1 No
VV07G08980 vvi - chr7 No

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