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gene_id species strand chr outlier
GM14G14161 gma - Gm14 No
GM17G08491 gma - Gm17 No
GM18G50000 gma - Gm18 No
GM19G03500 gma - Gm19 No
GM20G03221 gma + Gm20 No
GR01G07790 gra + Chr01 No
GR05G14470 gra - Chr05 No
GR07G08180 gra - Chr07 No
GR08G09590 gra + Chr08 No
GR08G17790 gra + Chr08 No
GR13G09260 gra - Chr13 No
LJ2G017610 lja - chr2 No
LJ2G021020 lja + chr2 No
MD00G105260 mdo - MDC004486.337 No
MD00G205080 mdo - MDC008833.258 No
MD00G211240 mdo + MDC009125.199 No
MD00G367380 mdo + MDC016593.275 No
MD00G459090 mdo - MDC021228.357 No
MD00G471460 mdo + MDC021902.110 No
MD01G003380 mdo + 1 No

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