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gene_id species strand chr outlier
FV6G42010 fve + LG6 No
FV7G07590 fve + LG7 No
GM01G42991 gma - Gm01 No
GM05G37620 gma + Gm05 No
GM07G07500 gma + Gm07 No
GM08G01960 gma - Gm08 No
GM08G27730 gma - Gm08 No
GM09G39300 gma + Gm09 No
GM13G06840 gma - Gm13 No
GM16G03890 gma + Gm16 No
GM18G46990 gma - Gm18 No
GM18G50945 gma - Gm18 No
GM19G04340 gma - Gm19 No
GR01G08990 gra + Chr01 No
GR01G15980 gra + Chr01 No
GR01G19700 gra - Chr01 No
GR01G20710 gra + Chr01 No
GR03G15720 gra + Chr03 No
GR04G21360 gra - Chr04 No
GR07G10120 gra - Chr07 No

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