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gene_id species strand chr outlier
GR06G02750 gra + Chr06 No
GR11G08840 gra - Chr11 Yes
GR11G15690 gra - Chr11 No
GR12G08270 gra + Chr12 No
LJ1G052410 lja - chr1 Yes
LJ1G052420 lja - chr1 No
LJ1G052430 lja - chr1 No
LJ1G052460 lja - chr1 No
LJ2G016200 lja - chr2 No
MD00G018960 mdo + MDC000807.221 No
MD00G030540 mdo - MDC001307.433 No
MD00G030570 mdo + MDC001307.437 No
MD00G030600 mdo - MDC001307.439 No
MD00G212310 mdo + MDC009161.829 No
MD00G233830 mdo + MDC010162.210 No
MD00G233860 mdo + MDC010162.210 No
MD00G304600 mdo + MDC012934.231 No
MD00G304610 mdo + MDC012934.231 No
MD00G405780 mdo + MDC018434.63 No
MD02G011210 mdo - 2 No

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