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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CL11G17020 cla - Chr11 No
CM00001G07450 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00001 No
CM00003G07380 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00003 No
CM00007G02770 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00007 No
CM00016G05500 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00016 No
CM00025G02200 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00025 No
CM00037G01500 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00037 No
CM00048G01190 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00048 No
CP00053G01150 cpa - supercontig_53 No
CP00078G00380 cpa - supercontig_78 No
CP00083G00980 cpa + supercontig_83 No
CP02586G00010 cpa + supercontig_2586 No
CP02900G00020 cpa - supercontig_2900 No
CRU_001G23900 cru + scaffold_1 No
CRU_001G25880 cru + scaffold_1 No
CRU_003G00440 cru - scaffold_3 No
CRU_006G12380 cru - scaffold_6 No
CRU_007G10720 cru - scaffold_7 No
CRU_007G11480 cru - scaffold_7 No
CRU_008G16690 cru - scaffold_8 No

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