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gene_id species strand chr outlier
ST02G036570 stu + chr02 No
ST05G007480 stu + chr05 No
ST05G018250 stu + chr05 No
ST07G021660 stu + chr07 No
TC0002G18180 tca + scaffold_2 No
TC0002G35900 tca - scaffold_2 No
TC0004G01880 tca + scaffold_4 No
TC0006G17620 tca - scaffold_6 No
TC0009G09300 tca + scaffold_9 No
TP1G22630 tpa + ch1-1 No
TP1G24720 tpa + ch1-1 No
TP3G00450 tpa - ch3-1 No
TP6G18400 tpa - ch6-6 No
TP6G29520 tpa + ch6-6 No
TP7G26480 tpa + ch7-5 No
TP7G27160 tpa + ch7-5 No
VV01G08240 vvi + chr1 No
VV10G01470 vvi + chr10 No
VV11G04220 vvi + chr11 No
VV12G02070 vvi - chr12 No

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