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gene_id species strand chr outlier
FV0G21410 fve - scf0513168 No
FV0G40170 fve + scf0513124 No
FV1G25390 fve - LG1 No
FV3G12480 fve + LG3 No
FV5G08950 fve + LG5 No
GM04G36400 gma + Gm04 No
GM04G38830 gma - Gm04 No
GM05G24230 gma - Gm05 No
GM05G30701 gma - Gm05 No
GM05G32700 gma + Gm05 No
GM06G16090 gma + Gm06 No
GM06G18500 gma - Gm06 No
GM08G00360 gma + Gm08 No
GM08G13900 gma - Gm08 No
GM08G17330 gma + Gm08 No
GM08G25390 gma + Gm08 No
GM11G37720 gma - Gm11 No
GM15G31958 gma + Gm15 No
GM16G07400 gma - Gm16 No
GM18G01650 gma - Gm18 No

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