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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CRU_002G24830 cru + scaffold_2 No
CRU_003G00390 cru - scaffold_3 No
CRU_006G12310 cru - scaffold_6 No
CRU_008G24050 cru - scaffold_8 No
CS00003G01580 csi - scaffold00003 No
CS00020G00540 csi - scaffold00020 No
CS00052G00210 csi + scaffold00052 No
CS00179G00100 csi - scaffold00179 No
CS00252G00130 csi - scaffold00252 No
CS01610G00010 csi - scaffold01610 No
EG0002G01460 egr - scaffold_2 No
EG0002G26770 egr - scaffold_2 No
EG0004G07580 egr + scaffold_4 No
EG0006G11830 egr + scaffold_6 No
EG0008G19770 egr - scaffold_8 No
EG0009G01340 egr - scaffold_9 No
EG0009G01350 egr - scaffold_9 No
EG0009G14420 egr - scaffold_9 No
EG0010G19640 egr + scaffold_10 No
FV0G11050 fve + scf0513160 No

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