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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CP00037G01930 cpa + supercontig_37 No
CP00048G01820 cpa - supercontig_48 No
CP00066G00250 cpa - supercontig_66 No
CP02291G00010 cpa - supercontig_2291 No
CRU_001G21240 cru - scaffold_1 No
CRU_001G31580 cru - scaffold_1 No
CRU_002G06970 cru - scaffold_2 No
CRU_002G17720 cru + scaffold_2 No
CRU_003G04980 cru - scaffold_3 No
CRU_003G05730 cru + scaffold_3 No
CRU_006G19670 cru - scaffold_6 No
CRU_006G26950 cru - scaffold_6 No
CRU_007G05120 cru + scaffold_7 No
CS00001G04550 csi + scaffold00001 No
CS00002G01710 csi - scaffold00002 No
CS00002G01720 csi - scaffold00002 No
CS00004G04650 csi + scaffold00004 No
CS00016G01850 csi - scaffold00016 No
CS00186G00180 csi - scaffold00186 No
CS00323G00030 csi - scaffold00323 No

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