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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PPE_005G02670 ppe + scaffold_5 No
PPE_006G07190 ppe + scaffold_6 No
PPE_006G12030 ppe + scaffold_6 No
PPE_006G23890 ppe + scaffold_6 No
PPE_006G29730 ppe - scaffold_6 No
PPE_006G31540 ppe + scaffold_6 No
PPE_006G31920 ppe - scaffold_6 No
PPE_008G17750 ppe - scaffold_8 No
PPE_012G00430 ppe - scaffold_12 No
PT02G17360 ptr + Chr02 No
PT04G16750 ptr - Chr04 No
PT04G18650 ptr - Chr04 No
PT05G01080 ptr + Chr05 No
PT05G23940 ptr - Chr05 No
PT08G02410 ptr - Chr08 No
PT08G10150 ptr + Chr08 No
PT09G12900 ptr - Chr09 No
PT10G23610 ptr + Chr10 No
PT13G00660 ptr + Chr13 No
PT13G11080 ptr - Chr13 No

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