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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CP39722G00010 cpa - contig_39722 No
CP39722G00020 cpa - contig_39722 No
CRU_002G17820 cru - scaffold_2 No
CRU_002G17840 cru - scaffold_2 No
CRU_002G17850 cru - scaffold_2 No
CRU_004G20310 cru + scaffold_4 No
CRU_004G20320 cru + scaffold_4 No
CRU_004G20330 cru + scaffold_4 No
CRU_005G14490 cru - scaffold_5 No
CRU_005G14500 cru - scaffold_5 No
CRU_005G14510 cru - scaffold_5 No
CRU_006G10630 cru - scaffold_6 No
CRU_006G10640 cru - scaffold_6 No
CRU_006G14180 cru + scaffold_6 No
CRU_007G31020 cru + scaffold_7 No
CRU_008G13240 cru - scaffold_8 No
CS00001G04340 csi - scaffold00001 No
CS00065G00350 csi + scaffold00065 No
CS00133G00020 csi + scaffold00133 No
CS00325G00060 csi - scaffold00325 No

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