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gene_id species strand chr outlier
ME08136G00040 mes + scaffold08136 No
ME08136G00050 mes + scaffold08136 No
ME10217G00020 mes - scaffold10217 No
ME10217G00030 mes - scaffold10217 No
ME10217G00040 mes + scaffold10217 No
ME10217G00050 mes + scaffold10217 No
MT00G03830 mtr - scaffold0024 No
MT00G03850 mtr - scaffold0024 No
MT00G39250 mtr - scaffold2055 No
MT1G008160 mtr + chr1 No
MT3G041730 mtr + chr3 Yes
MT4G078390 mtr + chr4 No
MT4G078413 mtr - chr4 No
MT4G078417 mtr - chr4 No
MT4G078440 mtr + chr4 No
MT4G078480 mtr - chr4 No
MT4G078600 mtr - chr4 No
MT4G478220 mtr - chr4 No
MT4G478260 mtr - chr4 No
MT4G478280 mtr - chr4 No

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