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gene_id species strand chr outlier
BR10G05700 bra + A10 No
BR10G07110 bra + A10 Yes
BR10G08760 bra - A10 No
BR10G09570 bra + A10 No
BR10G10840 bra - A10 No
BR10G14410 bra + A10 No
BR10G14880 bra + A10 Yes
BR10G14980 bra + A10 Yes
BV5G18700 bvu + Bvchr5.sca008 Yes
CRU_007G29020 cru - scaffold_7 No
TP0G00760 tpa - un1453 No
TP0G01000 tpa + un1945 No
TP0G01330 tpa - un1377 No
TP0G01350 tpa - un1205 No
TP0G02430 tpa + un1473 Yes
TP0G02590 tpa + un1041 No
TP0G02800 tpa + un1591 No
TP0G03750 tpa + un1064 No
TP0G03880 tpa - un1343 No
TP1G22890 tpa + ch1-1 No

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