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gene_id species strand chr outlier
BR04G16090 bra + A04 No
BR04G16540 bra + A04 Yes
BR04G17340 bra - A04 Yes
BR04G19300 bra + A04 Yes
BR05G04580 bra - A05 Yes
BR05G15110 bra + A05 Yes
BR05G18830 bra - A05 Yes
BR05G19970 bra + A05 No
BR05G20730 bra - A05 No
BR05G20750 bra + A05 No
BR05G25920 bra - A05 No
BR05G26060 bra + A05 Yes
BR05G26200 bra - A05 No
BR05G33600 bra + A05 No
BR06G01740 bra - A06 Yes
BR06G04790 bra - A06 No
BR06G18530 bra - A06 Yes
BR06G33340 bra - A06 No
BR06G35350 bra + A06 Yes
BR07G01700 bra + A07 No

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