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gene_id species strand chr outlier
BR00G10800 bra + Scaffold000264 No
BR00G11910 bra - Scaffold000157 No
BR00G12220 bra + Scaffold000257 No
BR00G12280 bra + Scaffold000155 Yes
BR00G13400 bra - Scaffold000141 Yes
BR00G13820 bra - Scaffold000140 No
BR01G04000 bra - A01 Yes
BR01G05610 bra - A01 Yes
BR01G09250 bra - A01 No
BR01G11000 bra - A01 No
BR01G11360 bra + A01 Yes
BR01G11420 bra - A01 No
BR01G13560 bra + A01 No
BR01G13580 bra - A01 No
BR01G15740 bra + A01 No
BR01G19880 bra + A01 Yes
BR01G21110 bra + A01 No
BR01G27990 bra - A01 No
BR01G28630 bra + A01 No
BR01G28860 bra + A01 No

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