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gene_id species strand chr outlier
BR02G29870 bra + A02 No
BR03G12300 bra - A03 No
BR03G39130 bra - A03 No
BR03G49670 bra - A03 No
BR04G04260 bra + A04 No
BR04G04270 bra + A04 No
BR04G04280 bra + A04 No
BR04G15990 bra + A04 No
BR04G22250 bra - A04 No
BR05G06370 bra + A05 No
BR05G06390 bra + A05 No
BR05G08120 bra - A05 No
BR05G17800 bra + A05 No
BR05G20490 bra + A05 No
BR05G22600 bra + A05 No
BR06G01160 bra - A06 No
BR06G01170 bra - A06 No
BR06G02380 bra + A06 No
BR06G12720 bra + A06 No
BR06G34120 bra + A06 No

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