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gene_id species strand chr outlier
ATR_00325G00020 atr - scaffold00325 No
ATR_00325G00030 atr - scaffold00325 No
ATR_00325G00050 atr - scaffold00325 No
ATR_00429G00010 atr - scaffold00429 No
ATR_01016G00010 atr - scaffold01016 No
ATR_01072G00010 atr + scaffold01072 No
ATR_01529G00010 atr - scaffold01529 No
ATR_01903G00010 atr - scaffold01903 No
ATR_02052G00010 atr + scaffold02052 No
ATR_02272G00010 atr - scaffold02272 No
ATR_02407G00010 atr - scaffold02407 No
ATR_03052G00010 atr + scaffold03052 No
ATR_04354G00010 atr + scaffold04354 No
BR00G00400 bra - Scaffold000164 No
BR00G09170 bra + Scaffold000104 No
BR01G15600 bra - A01 No
BR01G17660 bra - A01 No
BR02G04370 bra - A02 No
BR02G16160 bra + A02 No
BR02G21210 bra - A02 No

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