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gene_id species strand chr outlier
ATR_00032G01030 atr + scaffold00032 No
ATR_00036G00010 atr + scaffold00036 Yes
ATR_00036G00030 atr - scaffold00036 No
ATR_00036G00040 atr - scaffold00036 No
ATR_00036G00050 atr + scaffold00036 Yes
ATR_00041G00170 atr + scaffold00041 No
ATR_00058G01130 atr - scaffold00058 No
ATR_00066G01130 atr + scaffold00066 No
ATR_00067G01080 atr + scaffold00067 No
ATR_00070G00230 atr + scaffold00070 Yes
ATR_00076G00400 atr - scaffold00076 No
ATR_00080G00680 atr + scaffold00080 No
ATR_00083G00200 atr - scaffold00083 Yes
ATR_00128G00360 atr + scaffold00128 Yes
ATR_00153G00120 atr + scaffold00153 No
ATR_00169G00240 atr - scaffold00169 No
ATR_00184G00190 atr - scaffold00184 No
ATR_00184G00200 atr - scaffold00184 No
BR01G24270 bra - A01 No
BR01G34440 bra - A01 No

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