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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CM00026G02020 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00026 No
CM00029G01130 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00029 No
CM00050G00890 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00050 No
CM00050G00910 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00050 No
CM00050G00920 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00050 No
CM00051G01720 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00051 No
CM00051G01730 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00051 No
CM00051G01770 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00051 No
CM00051G01790 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00051 No
CM00052G03000 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00052 No
CM00068G01470 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00068 No
CM00096G00650 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00096 No
CP00001G01930 cpa - supercontig_1 Yes
CP00004G01770 cpa + supercontig_4 No
CP00018G01490 cpa + supercontig_18 No
CP00018G01500 cpa + supercontig_18 No
CP00062G00300 cpa - supercontig_62 No
CP00062G00310 cpa - supercontig_62 No
CP00062G00320 cpa - supercontig_62 No
CP00084G01170 cpa + supercontig_84 No

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