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gene_id species strand chr outlier
BR02G38580 bra - A02 Yes
BR02G38590 bra - A02 No
BR02G38600 bra - A02 No
BR02G38610 bra - A02 Yes
BR02G38620 bra - A02 No
BR03G02420 bra - A03 No
BR03G05860 bra + A03 No
BR04G00220 bra + A04 No
BR05G05140 bra + A05 No
BR05G05150 bra + A05 No
BR05G19410 bra - A05 No
BR05G35140 bra - A05 No
BR06G03400 bra - A06 No
BR06G03410 bra - A06 No
BR06G03420 bra - A06 No
BR06G13710 bra + A06 No
BR06G19720 bra + A06 No
BR06G25070 bra - A06 No
BR06G27840 bra - A06 No
BR06G34470 bra - A06 No

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