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gene_id species strand chr outlier
BR09G04090 bra - A09 No
BR09G11020 bra + A09 No
BR09G30110 bra + A09 No
BR09G36380 bra - A09 No
BR09G49580 bra - A09 No
BR10G23680 bra + A10 No
BR10G28670 bra - A10 No
BV0G01500 bvu + 0042.scaffold00155 Yes
BV0G19270 bvu - 0139.scaffold00419 No
BV0G26500 bvu + Bvchr7_un.sca003 No
BV0G32060 bvu + 0146.scaffold00440 No
BV0G33080 bvu + 0087.scaffold00294 No
BV0G47080 bvu + Bvchr7_un.sca007 No
BV0G61270 bvu + 0032.scaffold00124 No
BV0G64940 bvu + Bvchr1_un.sca002 No
BV0G73610 bvu - 0165.scaffold00481 No
BV2G05410 bvu - Bvchr2.sca001 No
BV2G11930 bvu + Bvchr2.sca018 No
BV2G11940 bvu + Bvchr2.sca018 No
BV2G11950 bvu - Bvchr2.sca018 No

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