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gene_id species strand chr outlier
ATR_00077G00360 atr + scaffold00077 No
ATR_00077G00380 atr + scaffold00077 No
ATR_00110G00620 atr - scaffold00110 No
ATR_00110G00630 atr - scaffold00110 No
ATR_00111G00280 atr + scaffold00111 No
ATR_00119G00390 atr + scaffold00119 No
ATR_00140G00330 atr + scaffold00140 No
ATR_00168G00300 atr - scaffold00168 Yes
BR00G02810 bra - Scaffold000317 No
BR00G06920 bra - Scaffold000111 No
BR01G00020 bra + A01 No
BR01G00040 bra - A01 No
BR01G18460 bra - A01 No
BR01G19000 bra + A01 No
BR01G35920 bra - A01 No
BR02G02890 bra + A02 No
BR02G04030 bra + A02 No
BR02G07500 bra + A02 No
BR02G14120 bra - A02 No
BR02G19860 bra + A02 No

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