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gene_id species strand chr outlier
BR09G36250 bra + A09 No
BR09G38310 bra - A09 No
BR09G46930 bra + A09 No
BR09G48260 bra + A09 No
BR10G02610 bra - A10 No
BR10G07230 bra - A10 No
BR10G09450 bra + A10 No
BR10G12040 bra - A10 No
BR10G17850 bra - A10 No
BR10G23520 bra - A10 No
BV0G26210 bvu - 0054.scaffold00198 Yes
BV0G34740 bvu + contig103528 No
BV0G52320 bvu - 0105.scaffold00353 No
BV0G76700 bvu - contig106422 Yes
BV1G05600 bvu - Bvchr1.sca001 No
BV1G06370 bvu + Bvchr1.sca001 No
BV1G08640 bvu + Bvchr1.sca001 No
BV1G08770 bvu - Bvchr1.sca001 No
BV3G00310 bvu + Bvchr3.sca011 No
BV3G02680 bvu - Bvchr3.sca003 No

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