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gene_id species strand chr outlier
ATR_00026G01030 atr + scaffold00026 Yes
ATR_00034G00250 atr - scaffold00034 No
ATR_00038G00890 atr - scaffold00038 No
ATR_00043G00590 atr + scaffold00043 No
ATR_00048G02020 atr - scaffold00048 Yes
ATR_00051G00550 atr + scaffold00051 No
ATR_00053G01190 atr - scaffold00053 No
ATR_00059G01120 atr + scaffold00059 No
ATR_00061G00020 atr - scaffold00061 No
ATR_00061G00400 atr + scaffold00061 No
ATR_00077G01380 atr - scaffold00077 No
ATR_00078G01020 atr + scaffold00078 No
ATR_00089G00230 atr - scaffold00089 No
ATR_00089G00490 atr + scaffold00089 No
ATR_00095G00700 atr - scaffold00095 No
ATR_00109G01230 atr + scaffold00109 No
ATR_00152G00030 atr + scaffold00152 No
ATR_00158G00050 atr - scaffold00158 No
ATR_02671G00010 atr + scaffold02671 No
BR00G11380 bra + Scaffold000528 No

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