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gene_id species strand chr outlier
BR08G27450 bra - A08 No
BR09G01390 bra + A09 No
BR09G04790 bra - A09 No
BR09G07960 bra + A09 No
BR09G22640 bra + A09 No
BR09G25710 bra + A09 No
BR09G29410 bra + A09 No
BR09G36490 bra + A09 No
BR09G40890 bra - A09 No
BR09G42590 bra - A09 No
BR10G01060 bra + A10 No
BR10G02800 bra + A10 No
BR10G09710 bra + A10 No
BR10G20920 bra - A10 No
BR10G25370 bra - A10 No
BV0G08300 bvu - Bvchr5_un.sca001 No
BV0G40300 bvu - Bvchr7_un.sca004 No
BV0G42460 bvu + 0071.scaffold00245 No
BV0G75920 bvu - Bvchr5_un.sca003 No
BV1G05510 bvu + Bvchr1.sca001 No

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