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gene_id species strand chr outlier
ATR_00036G00540 atr - scaffold00036 No
ATR_00037G00640 atr - scaffold00037 No
ATR_00038G01160 atr - scaffold00038 No
ATR_00057G00770 atr - scaffold00057 No
ATR_00057G02480 atr - scaffold00057 No
ATR_00058G00060 atr + scaffold00058 No
ATR_00062G02180 atr + scaffold00062 No
ATR_00067G00890 atr + scaffold00067 No
ATR_00077G00190 atr - scaffold00077 No
ATR_00078G01530 atr + scaffold00078 No
ATR_00079G01070 atr - scaffold00079 No
ATR_00104G00580 atr + scaffold00104 No
ATR_00111G01320 atr - scaffold00111 No
ATR_00136G00020 atr - scaffold00136 No
ATR_00136G00610 atr + scaffold00136 No
ATR_00153G00560 atr - scaffold00153 No
ATR_00153G00570 atr - scaffold00153 Yes
ATR_00160G00240 atr - scaffold00160 No
ATR_00161G00020 atr + scaffold00161 Yes
ATR_00165G00450 atr + scaffold00165 No

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