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gene_id species strand chr outlier
ATR_00046G00100 atr + scaffold00046 No
ATR_00047G01510 atr + scaffold00047 Yes
ATR_00055G01370 atr + scaffold00055 No
ATR_00056G01260 atr - scaffold00056 No
ATR_00057G01310 atr + scaffold00057 No
ATR_00069G01310 atr - scaffold00069 No
ATR_00071G00070 atr + scaffold00071 No
ATR_00083G00340 atr - scaffold00083 No
ATR_00099G00420 atr - scaffold00099 No
ATR_00105G00290 atr + scaffold00105 No
ATR_00105G00320 atr + scaffold00105 No
ATR_00105G00330 atr + scaffold00105 Yes
ATR_00106G00460 atr + scaffold00106 No
ATR_00146G00450 atr - scaffold00146 No
ATR_00156G00230 atr + scaffold00156 No
ATR_00169G00270 atr + scaffold00169 No
ATR_00176G00020 atr - scaffold00176 No
ATR_00183G00060 atr + scaffold00183 No
BR00G00580 bra + Scaffold000164 No
BR00G01060 bra - Scaffold000167 No

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