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gene_id species strand chr outlier
AL1G04600 aly + scaffold_1 No
AL1G08620 aly + scaffold_1 No
AL1G19280 aly + scaffold_1 No
AL1G33580 aly + scaffold_1 No
AL1G46410 aly + scaffold_1 No
AL1G48210 aly + scaffold_1 No
AL1G48720 aly + scaffold_1 No
AL1G52030 aly + scaffold_1 No
AL2G01450 aly + scaffold_2 No
AL2G22310 aly - scaffold_2 No
AL3G04400 aly - scaffold_3 No
AL3G06070 aly - scaffold_3 No
AL3G06280 aly + scaffold_3 No
AL3G14070 aly - scaffold_3 No
AL3G16040 aly - scaffold_3 No
AL3G23300 aly + scaffold_3 No
AL3G30850 aly + scaffold_3 No
AL4G09520 aly - scaffold_4 No
AL4G14590 aly + scaffold_4 No
AL4G17570 aly - scaffold_4 No

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