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gene_id species strand chr outlier
EG0001G12020 egr + scaffold_1 No
EG0001G12050 egr - scaffold_1 No
EG0001G12060 egr + scaffold_1 No
EG0001G21600 egr + scaffold_1 No
EG0004G13920 egr - scaffold_4 No
EG0004G13930 egr - scaffold_4 No
EG0004G17250 egr - scaffold_4 No
EG0005G00500 egr + scaffold_5 No
EG0005G07330 egr - scaffold_5 No
EG0005G07340 egr - scaffold_5 No
EG0005G07350 egr - scaffold_5 No
EG0005G07360 egr - scaffold_5 No
EG0005G07370 egr - scaffold_5 No
EG0010G02590 egr + scaffold_10 No
EG0010G02620 egr + scaffold_10 No

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