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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PPE_001G16160 ppe + scaffold_1 Yes
PPE_003G00020 ppe + scaffold_3 Yes
PPE_003G01910 ppe + scaffold_3 No
PPE_003G09660 ppe - scaffold_3 No
PPE_004G10450 ppe + scaffold_4 No
PPE_006G09280 ppe + scaffold_6 No
PPE_006G09290 ppe + scaffold_6 No
PPE_006G09330 ppe + scaffold_6 No
PPE_006G11330 ppe + scaffold_6 No
PPE_006G11340 ppe + scaffold_6 No
PPE_006G11350 ppe + scaffold_6 No
PPE_007G21130 ppe - scaffold_7 No
PPE_007G21140 ppe - scaffold_7 No
PPE_007G21150 ppe - scaffold_7 No
PPE_007G21180 ppe + scaffold_7 No
PPE_007G21190 ppe + scaffold_7 No
PPE_008G00770 ppe - scaffold_8 No
PPE_008G08700 ppe + scaffold_8 Yes
PPE_010G01170 ppe + scaffold_10 Yes

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