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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CS00001G00690 csi + scaffold00001 No
CS00002G02900 csi + scaffold00002 No
CS00002G04050 csi - scaffold00002 No
CS00005G03010 csi - scaffold00005 No
CS00007G04230 csi - scaffold00007 No
CS00010G00630 csi + scaffold00010 No
CS00013G00820 csi + scaffold00013 No
CS00014G01390 csi - scaffold00014 No
CS00015G01020 csi - scaffold00015 No
CS00020G02130 csi - scaffold00020 No
CS00023G02270 csi - scaffold00023 No
CS00024G00220 csi + scaffold00024 No
CS00031G00640 csi + scaffold00031 No
CS00033G00290 csi + scaffold00033 No
CS00036G00250 csi + scaffold00036 No
CS00045G00130 csi + scaffold00045 Yes
CS00045G00140 csi + scaffold00045 No
CS00052G00110 csi + scaffold00052 No
CS00056G00560 csi - scaffold00056 No
CS00057G00130 csi + scaffold00057 No

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