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gene_id species strand chr type
GM11G14300 gma - Gm11 coding
GM11G20810 gma - Gm11 coding
GM11G21515 gma - Gm11 coding
GM11G26663 gma - Gm11 coding
GM11G30020 gma - Gm11 coding
GM12G03900 gma + Gm12 coding
GM12G07450 gma - Gm12 coding
GM12G08140 gma - Gm12 coding
GM12G08625 gma - Gm12 coding
GM12G32830 gma + Gm12 coding
GM12G33581 gma - Gm12 coding
GM13G17490 gma - Gm13 coding
GM13G26861 gma - Gm13 coding
GM13G33910 gma - Gm13 coding
GM13G41280 gma + Gm13 coding
GM14G20110 gma - Gm14 coding
GM14G37241 gma + Gm14 coding
GM14G40050 gma - Gm14 coding
GM15G11520 gma - Gm15 coding
GM15G37876 gma - Gm15 coding

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