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gene_id species strand chr type
GM17G00590 gma - Gm17 coding
GM17G17400 gma - Gm17 coding
GM17G17510 gma - Gm17 coding
GM17G26240 gma - Gm17 coding
GM17G36910 gma - Gm17 coding
GM18G13680 gma - Gm18 coding
GM18G22960 gma + Gm18 coding
GM18G45391 gma - Gm18 coding
GM18G45750 gma - Gm18 coding
GM18G48670 gma - Gm18 coding
GM19G30750 gma - Gm19 coding
GM19G32800 gma - Gm19 coding
GM19G33230 gma - Gm19 coding
GM19G33901 gma - Gm19 coding
GM19G44000 gma - Gm19 coding
GM20G04511 gma + Gm20 coding
GM20G28380 gma - Gm20 coding
GM20G28970 gma - Gm20 coding
GM20G33480 gma - Gm20 coding
GM20G34320 gma - Gm20 coding

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