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gene_id species strand chr type
GM17G13751 gma + Gm17 coding
GM17G14485 gma - Gm17 coding
GM17G17470 gma + Gm17 coding
GM17G18490 gma + Gm17 coding
GM17G36170 gma + Gm17 coding
GM17G37410 gma - Gm17 coding
GM17G37541 gma - Gm17 coding
GM18G04461 gma - Gm18 coding
GM18G08100 gma - Gm18 coding
GM18G10430 gma + Gm18 coding
GM18G38610 gma + Gm18 coding
GM18G48343 gma - Gm18 coding
GM19G06960 gma - Gm19 coding
GM19G33431 gma - Gm19 coding
GM19G36300 gma - Gm19 coding
GM19G36750 gma + Gm19 coding
GM20G02020 gma + Gm20 coding
GM20G02170 gma - Gm20 coding
GM20G25510 gma + Gm20 coding
GM20G25600 gma + Gm20 coding

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