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gene_id species strand chr type
GM02G41850 gma - Gm02 coding
GM03G12460 gma - Gm03 coding
GM03G28440 gma + Gm03 coding
GM03G30541 gma + Gm03 coding
GM03G36470 gma + Gm03 coding
GM04G39150 gma - Gm04 coding
GM04G40080 gma - Gm04 coding
GM04G42800 gma - Gm04 coding
GM05G09050 gma - Gm05 coding
GM05G29840 gma + Gm05 coding
GM05G30020 gma - Gm05 coding
GM05G33320 gma + Gm05 coding
GM06G02860 gma - Gm06 coding
GM06G13850 gma - Gm06 coding
GM07G04790 gma - Gm07 coding
GM07G33860 gma - Gm07 coding
GM07G34280 gma + Gm07 coding
GM08G12940 gma + Gm08 coding
GM08G16620 gma + Gm08 coding
GM08G28030 gma + Gm08 coding

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