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gene_id species strand chr type
GM12G04310 gma + Gm12 coding
GM12G13315 gma - Gm12 coding
GM12G16503 gma - Gm12 coding
GM12G16533 gma - Gm12 coding
GM12G34250 gma - Gm12 coding
GM13G08490 gma - Gm13 coding
GM13G09580 gma + Gm13 coding
GM13G27810 gma + Gm13 coding
GM13G32750 gma + Gm13 coding
GM13G34920 gma - Gm13 coding
GM13G38630 gma - Gm13 coding
GM14G06670 gma - Gm14 coding
GM14G09320 gma - Gm14 coding
GM14G24760 gma - Gm14 coding
GM14G29040 gma - Gm14 coding
GM14G34651 gma + Gm14 coding
GM15G06560 gma - Gm15 coding
GM15G06570 gma - Gm15 coding
GM16G02531 gma - Gm16 coding
GM16G05190 gma - Gm16 coding

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