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gene_id species strand chr type
ST09G022120 stu - chr09 coding
ST10G005640 stu - chr10 coding
ST10G020360 stu - chr10 coding
ST10G022050 stu - chr10 coding
ST10G022100 stu - chr10 coding
ST11G005960 stu - chr11 coding
ST11G017720 stu + chr11 coding
ST11G026130 stu - chr11 coding
ST12G021860 stu + chr12 coding
ST12G023040 stu + chr12 coding
ST12G028410 stu - chr12 coding
ST12G031510 stu - chr12 coding
ST12G031930 stu + chr12 coding
ST01G020650 stu - chr01 coding
ST01G036140 stu - chr01 coding
ST02G018570 stu - chr02 coding
ST02G025550 stu + chr02 coding
ST02G033340 stu - chr02 coding
ST02G037460 stu - chr02 coding
ST03G011810 stu - chr03 coding

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