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gene_id species strand chr type
ST05G021290 stu - chr05 coding
ST05G021640 stu + chr05 coding
ST06G017560 stu - chr06 coding
ST06G023710 stu + chr06 coding
ST06G023830 stu - chr06 coding
ST06G031920 stu - chr06 coding
ST06G032770 stu + chr06 coding
ST06G033660 stu - chr06 coding
ST06G034600 stu + chr06 coding
ST07G006070 stu + chr07 coding
ST07G006620 stu + chr07 coding
ST07G008420 stu - chr07 coding
ST07G009720 stu - chr07 coding
ST07G010090 stu - chr07 coding
ST07G019460 stu - chr07 coding
ST07G019470 stu + chr07 coding
ST07G021390 stu - chr07 coding
ST09G010800 stu - chr09 coding
ST09G010810 stu + chr09 coding
ST09G011680 stu - chr09 coding

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