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gene_id species strand chr type
ST01G047160 stu + chr01 coding
ST02G010290 stu + chr02 coding
ST02G010350 stu - chr02 coding
ST02G027550 stu + chr02 coding
ST02G028350 stu + chr02 coding
ST02G028650 stu - chr02 coding
ST02G029400 stu - chr02 coding
ST03G005270 stu + chr03 coding
ST03G009130 stu + chr03 coding
ST03G013260 stu - chr03 coding
ST03G016650 stu + chr03 coding
ST03G022990 stu + chr03 coding
ST03G033090 stu + chr03 coding
ST04G014830 stu - chr04 coding
ST04G019050 stu - chr04 coding
ST04G023810 stu - chr04 coding
ST04G028480 stu - chr04 coding
ST04G032220 stu - chr04 coding
ST04G032230 stu + chr04 coding
ST05G019050 stu + chr05 coding

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