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gene_id species strand chr type
CM00006G04270 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00006 coding
CM00006G07600 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00006 coding
CM00006G10620 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00006 coding
CM00007G00820 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00007 coding
CM00007G01270 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00007 coding
CM00007G06250 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00007 coding
CM00007G08420 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00007 coding
CM00007G10590 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00007 coding
CM00008G03440 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00008 coding
CM00010G00250 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00010 coding
CM00010G00550 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00010 coding
CM00010G02420 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00010 coding
CM00011G04430 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00011 coding
CM00011G05020 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00011 coding
CM00013G00440 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00013 coding
CM00014G01290 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00014 coding
CM00014G03260 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00014 coding
CM00014G03550 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00014 coding
CM00015G01710 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00015 coding
CM00016G05060 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00016 coding

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