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Species colored phylogenetic tree with associated protein domains.

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Multiple Sequence Alignment information

Stripped length

Outlier/stripped gene information

Gene id Status Cause
ME09365G00310 removed too diverged
MD03G010620 removed too diverged
TP5G18130 removed too diverged
MD00G116980 removed too diverged
ME00079G00020 removed too diverged
CR16G12730 removed too diverged
OS12G03554 removed too diverged
MD06G013090 removed too diverged
ST06G018380 removed partial
ME00079G00010 removed partial
VV14G05810 removed partial
VV04G03460 removed partial
ME00079G00030 removed partial
CRU_001G35270 removed partial
ST06G018360 removed partial
MT1G078270 removed partial
CS00020G00240 removed partial
AT1G48195 removed partial
AL1G41780 removed partial
ZM03G39910 removed partial
MD00G047710 removed partial
CRU_001G35280 removed partial
BR07G03520 removed outlier
BR09G28870 removed outlier
CP00009G01790 removed outlier
CP00016G01540 removed outlier
FV5G06240 removed outlier
FV5G15120 removed outlier
MD00G004960 removed outlier
MD00G308830 removed outlier
MD00G345380 removed outlier
MD06G013120 removed outlier
MD06G013130 removed outlier
MD10G014580 removed outlier
MT1G088880 removed outlier
OL03G04610 removed outlier
PPE_007G01880 removed outlier
ST06G018340 removed outlier